Invisible Children, a summary.

There’s so much more to Invisible Children than just commercializing murder for profit.

They started out great, yeah, but the money kept pouring in and priorities changed. Only 30% of donations go to their intended cause; the other 70% goes to things such as propaganda-film making (for more money), travel and $90,000/year salaries for the executives.

Invisible Children also knows nothing about geopolitics, history, or culture. Or maybe they do and just choose to overlook it, I don’t know. IC believes that the best way to ‘save the children’ is by arresting someone who hasn’t been in the country in 6 years and may even be dead. IC endorses the Uganda military and believes that the US should back a war against the LRA, ‘for the children.’ The Ugandan military has been cited in UN reports as being the suspect of conflict minerals trading. Perhaps more importantly, Uganda’s military is guilty of the same atrocities as Kony’s LRA, including the recruitment by force (like murdering of parents) of child soldiers.

Also, disregard the fact that much of the active warfare is down and former child soldiers insist that rebuilding Uganda is much more important than chasing someone, however evil he may be.

Politically, IC are pawns used by the US corporatacracy. The US knew about Joseph Kony and his LRA child-snatching methods for 20 years. IC’s claim to fame, the Northern Uganda Crisis Response Act, was introduced in 2004 and immediately tabled until 2010 when oil was discovered in Uganda. It became active legislation once more, passed and was signed by President Obama. There are active troops within Uganda, with no withdraw date and no limit to the number or type of contractors who will follow.

Basically, Invisible Children began as well-meaning hipsters who are now used up false flags, literally drunk with ignorance.

UPDATE: Full military intervention by the US into Uganda has already had disastrous consequences. The US planned operation aimed to “crush the LRA” who have been hiding in a Congolese national park, but actually scattered the gathered LRA members and sparked brutal massacres against the Congolese people, killing 900 civilians. The LRA is a Ugandan movement, but military intervention has pushed the violence back to the already war-torn Congo, where women have a greater chance of being raped than learning to read.


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